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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Taking Woodstock

I just watched Ang Lee's film Taking Woodstock. I wonder how I am going to make real and bring in to the present a subject that has become a mythic thing of the hazy past. It's not that I want to strip it of the symbolic energy that the 60s, or specifically Woodstock holds, it's more that I want to transform it from a singular event into a transmitted culture. In the 'making of' section of the DVD one of the art directors spoke of how they acquired their extras from among the people living in New England. He described them as Evolved versions of the original hippies. They managed to keep it authentic looking by having all of these Evolved kids in the background... you can actually see Dead Head type dancing in some of the scenes, which is jarring for anyone who knows the difference between this type of dancing and what they were originally doing at Woodstock... there are clearly spinners in amongst the extras.

Still have no name for the group... Handmade Generation gets less acceptable the longer it's looked at. A conversation with my professor added to the uncertainty. I keep hoping for one of those awesome dreams that hands me the name.

One more week until the official starting date of my dissertation process. It feels like a countdown to some cataclysmic event.

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