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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Names Please

The issue of what to name this group that I am writing about has come up again and again, and has kept me up at night. Every time I believe that I have found a name it slips away as it doesn't quite fit the essence or the size or the nuance is wrong, or its really more a different group than this one.

I finally decided on Handmade Generation just to get something out there and already it has slipped through my fingers, not only is it not a generation, its not really handmade which implies careful detailed work that costs a lot of money rather than intentionally molded free-form eclectic and not always successful, which is where I was going with it.

Other names that have come and gone:

Children of the Revolution
children of the children of the 60s
Free People
No diaper babies
Counterculture kids
Cool kids
Dionysus' children
Freedom's children
post-culture kids

The names come and change and mutate and disappear. I'm not sure its a group that can be named. They are an eclectic bunch that seems to defy the simplistic definition that a name implies. They are postmodern even in label. Can one use a paragraph as a name?

"The strangely liminal group of people raised in the various subcultures of the late 60s and early 70s that defied the mainstream culture by stepping outside the rules, creating more value based embodied ways of being that included changes in culture, politics and religious practice. These children became other within the larger community and had to learn to stand in multiplicity that lead to a unique way of existing in the world." Not really a name and not even a complete description. I'm loosing ground tonight, I must be tired.

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