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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Updates

It is over seven months into the dissertation, a quarter of my time is spent. The interview process is winding down. I have had an incredible experience interviewing. What amazing wonderful people have allowed me to share in their stories. I am so excited to process them all.

I discovered a 20 year study done at UCLA on alternative lifestyle families. It is an incredible find and will add hugely to my work both informing it and backing up much of what I already was trying to say. The head of this study has said that he will be my External Reader and I am so thrilled. I was very nervous about the process of choosing a PhD outside of Pacifica to read my dissertation and give me helpful direction.

Now I must begin the process of writing the Proposal, the first two chapters of my dissertation, to show appropriate progress. This must be completed and approved by all three members of my committee by the end of Fall Quarter. Every phase of this project seems so daunting and huge in its own way. I'm sure once I have completed the Proposal I will look at the next steps as equally daunting. Will there be a moment of relief when this has ended or have I permanently become a stress monkey?

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