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Handmade Generation Updates

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Almost Through to the Other Side

I have just printed out a draft of my chapter 5, conclusion chapter. Hopefully it will read as smoothly as I think it will. If this is true, I will begin work shortly on rewrites to chapter 1 to include all of the various points and books that I have used that I didn't know about a year ago when I began writing. It looks as though the whole thing may end up being close to 400 manuscript pages. A bit long, but I have covered a huge amount of ground and still left so much out.

I'm incredibly excited to be this close. Now I just have to get the final draft through my committee. I'm crossing my fingers they like it. I'm hoping to have the whole thing ready to be defended by end of March.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Proposal Approved!

All three members of my committee have seen and like my proposal, the first two chapters of my dissertation. I am now moving ahead with the next 3 content chapters. I have roughed out each and just need to get the transcripts completed to place quotes in the body of the text and then pull the academic quotes for the analysis.

I am juggling all of the important critiques from the different committee members. What are the reasons for making the leap from linear historical analysis to genealogical? Why am I using the set of people I have chosen to study? Where do they fit into the literature I have analyzed? What is my analysis of the quotes that I am currently ending paragraphs with? End with my own words not some other persons words. Why am I using film to discuss aspects of counterculture kids?

Did I mention that I have named the group? I'm calling the Post-Cool Kids. I need to do a more detailed analysis of Cool to explain the reason for this. I need to state my complete thesis more clearly. I am arguing for the need to define this group as a specific recognizable group that has value when studied as a collective entity in American culture.