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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Proposal Approved!

All three members of my committee have seen and like my proposal, the first two chapters of my dissertation. I am now moving ahead with the next 3 content chapters. I have roughed out each and just need to get the transcripts completed to place quotes in the body of the text and then pull the academic quotes for the analysis.

I am juggling all of the important critiques from the different committee members. What are the reasons for making the leap from linear historical analysis to genealogical? Why am I using the set of people I have chosen to study? Where do they fit into the literature I have analyzed? What is my analysis of the quotes that I am currently ending paragraphs with? End with my own words not some other persons words. Why am I using film to discuss aspects of counterculture kids?

Did I mention that I have named the group? I'm calling the Post-Cool Kids. I need to do a more detailed analysis of Cool to explain the reason for this. I need to state my complete thesis more clearly. I am arguing for the need to define this group as a specific recognizable group that has value when studied as a collective entity in American culture.