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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Editing Phase

I have completed the first draft of my entire dissertation and gotten feedback from my chair. She really liked it and had very good feedback. Now I need to edit the entire document according to her feedback and send it out to my readers to get their feedback. I am very close to having a completed document. I'm a bit overwhelmed by this last stage. I find that I am emotionally daunted at the thought of having to go back in and do edits on what was initially so intense to write. The thing that drives me is the feeling that I would like to have this out and in the hands of people interested in reading it sooner rather than later. I have gotten very good feedback from a wide variety of people on their interest in the topic. I look forward to having a completed draft that I can send to a larger circle of people, and get their response on the work.

Once these edits are complete I will need to begin thinking about the various last minute details of finishing up the PhD, the abstract, the oral defense, and the final edits. I can't believe what a long and intense process writing a dissertation turns out to be. I wonder if all book writing feels like this?